Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Mosaic

Every year at Derby I create a large installed mosaic mural with my kids to leave behind in the school. I love sitting around and doing these with the staff and campers- its like a big puzzle and we get into that silly mode people get into when doing a jigsaw puzzle together.
This year is a quote by Picasso, and it will be installed in the recessed panels built into the lobby's window seat. There's no real plan beyond the words, it will evolve, and you will see it as it does.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I LOVE your mosaics!!!!!
and you ;)

Alison Woody said...

hey sally its alison (from mosaics). so a wonderful idea popped in my head just this second and i know i will forget to tell you tomorrow. so today when you asked me and sage for an inspirational person and something that relates to flowers I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING. so in 8th grade i did a national history day report on Fredrick Law Olmstead who is an inspirational person who created Central Park but also designed other parks/gardens that provided refuge to urban citizens allowing people to come together to be inspired, calmed, relaxed during the time of the industrial revolution. SOOOO you could do him! and draw him and flowers everywhere and people on benches in central park being relaxed inspired etc. and then just because the way you paint i could totally see this in the background of the painting is that Olmsted left his public spaces with a beating green heart so you could have that in the backgroung of all the happy people and the central park and him maybe there too. so yeah thats my idea for the inspirational person.
P.S. you're blog is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally Dean said...

WOW Alison- I should do that- what an inspiration !