Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Moose Mural

Another art adventure for me! This is for a client in a room in Duxbury. I made the moose template in studio, drawing with the grid method to scale, cut it  out and traced on wall, and painted it on the wall. I love the way it came out!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scituate Arts Walk and Marshfield Show!

SO much going on-first and foremost of all my daughter Maddie is getting her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy this weekend at Belmont in Nashville - so exciting!
This Friday is the Annual Scituate Arts Walk- my Octopus drawing/painting is the featured image- and there will be limited signed prints available for $25.
I wish I could be there- need to clone myself!

Also- opening May 11- is a collaborative exhibit with Kris Brennen at the Marshfield Public Library- or Ventress-
We had a blast all winter creating critters on BIG pieces of paper- it is going up Saturday and will be up for 2 months. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Girl Just Wanna Paint "imagination!"

It's May! New paintings are on the Girls Just Wanna paint blog
Heres mine-
I did it a little while ago but have been super busy preparing for an exhibit at the Marshfield Public Library (Ventress)
I'll post about that tomorrow!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

South Shore Art Center Opening

I am in a group show at the South Shore Art center in Cohassett- I am one of 5 in the back gallery. I am showing my summer series from last year. Fun to see them all together!
The front gallery is the annual Black and White show. Lots of cool pieces in that one too.
 Last nights opening was fun but I left early and missed a few friends...I should have stayed longer! I should have blogged about this earlier. Shoulda shoulda shoulda.... Somehow I've fallen of the blogging train...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Visit with Jane Filer

I have just returned from Chapel Hill, NC, to visit the amazing and magical artist Jane Filer. She shows her work at Tyndall Gallery and it was just about a complete sell out! That girl can paint!
Her home , her friends, her family, the surrounding countryside all charmed me to no end. I will not forget this trip ever. I'm so lucky to call Jane my friend. Here are some pictures from the trip.
Her mural at the Raleigh Durham airport

Jane's Door. 

One of my faves. Red dots everywhere!

Janes "heads". They come to all her openings and mingle and dance. I smiled the whole time I was there as did everyone else. She created a whole world of her own and all the folks who love Jane are wonderful too. 
Stilt walker!

a detail

Kids love her openings too!

another detail of one of my faves.

The Mayor of Elizabeth City ( on right) has a chuckle with this head

Jane has little sculptures everywhere you look in her handbuilt house in the woods.

The gallery empty.

Jane and Me.
We sure had fun! Thanks Jane!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Home Improvement

I have been thinking for a long time about repainting the part of my house that people see when they first come in- it was badly in need of a make over- winter is the perfect opportunity for me to tackle indoor projects - once the warm weather comes I want to be out! My trip to Mexico really inspired me too. Also, I purchased a book called Crafting  a Colorful Home by Kristin Nicholas recently and her bold use of color really helped me break out- thank you Kristin!
Before- a mash up of drab color! I scraped wallpaper that I had hung maybe 15 years ago- no wallpaper for me ever again thank you!)

Pinterest inspiration

I purchased the moroccan pillow (in the center) from Native in Scituate- my main source of inspiration! I consulted with the owner (Marie) she has a great eye for color and design and helped me so much! 

I went with this palette -
Lowes helped me too! I usually use the Ben Moore paint- but went with Valspar- I was very happy with it and the price was a LOT better...

The hallway with all the doors got completely done in a purple gray to show off the wildly painted floor- I painted right over the old floor- it's plywood and has been painted many times- I actually may never get around to tiling it!

A mermaid and turtle on the floor -why not!

the powder room got the yellow paint- need some fun new towels...
Lisa Howard of Local Pottery made my sink and tiles many moons ago...

The sitting area got the salmon color. I hired Hilary from Duxbury do the cushion slipcovers (using drop cloths from Lowes- my go-to) she's the best!

Lamp hack-I took the crystals off the chandelier and batiked the shades- couldn't resist putting fake lemons in the bowl ( thank you Duxbury Dump! for the fake fruit)

I am thinking of buying a new fixture for this area but in the meantime this will do.
I love my house now!
Now I just need to clean it..LOL

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Art from Isle Mujeres

I finally have gotten around to posting these- I left a month ago tomorrow- time whizzes by doesn't it?

This was the first morning. I thought painting on black would be fun- but it soaked up the pigment a lot. I had fun arranging my little pieces of stuff I collected while I was there around the edges of the paper in my studio this morning.
It's about 5 degrees out here today ( feels like) Mexico seems so far away!

I sat across from this on the ocean walkway and painted-tough to find spots to sit while painting there!  I had two adorable Mexican kids hanging out with me the whole time probably wondering why I would want to paint the rubble...

This was a courtyard that has a rusty old bike  and some other debris...

Looking toward the East, again black paper- looks better now than I thought at the time...

From the beach another morning. 
That's pretty much it! Thanks for looking.