Thursday, November 30, 2017


My Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge group theme this month is"Peace".
I painted this oil on location in Maine when I was staying at the Pine Tree Institute where I was teaching an art workshop on a yoga retreat with yoga instructor Tricia Glynn.
I certainly felt peaceful when was painting this!
It is a beautiful place for retreats. The gardens were amazing- the biggest dahlias I have ever seen- in October!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Inly School Mural

I had the pleasure for working with the kids at Inly School in Scituate a couple of weeks ago- an outdoor mural in late October in New England can be a challenge- but we managed to pull it off!
We were inspired by Gary Hirsch's "Botjoy" idea. He is coming to visit the school this winter.
Above is the "think tank" room- total white board on every surface. The kids wrote all the things that gave them joy... and we distilled it down. Then we painted all those words on the wall.

It was threatening to rain so after the kids left  I quickly sketched the outlines of their "joybots" on the wall. Normally I hate to draw for them but it was important to get the spacing right...
The next day we had the morning to work, then the rain came.
So for  the next two days we made plywood joybots inside
The kids went right to it!
The sun returned on the last day.

They had a massage circle going. 

                                                                    Mural is complete!
And here are the plywood versions.

                                                                   It was a lot of fun!
                                                               So, what brings you joy?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge

One of the many things I love about being in my painting challenge group is that it takes me to places I've never been- and although I did go to art school I never really studied chiaroscuro. Here's a description.
I started with this image... It is Botticelli-  I started it monochromatic, in acrylics. but then I explored the value scale with color and try to match the value to the black and white to the framed section of his face. I struggle with value so this was a good exercise. I am going to try more- plus i LOVE painting faces! See all the girls renditions here.
Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pop Up Painting Show at Local Pottery this Friday!

I am excited to be able to exhibit my 30 trees at the beautiful shop Local Pottery in Norwell- we are having a little reception this Friday, November 3, at 7 PM.
My husband has made beautiful frames for them. All paintings are $150 each.
We plan on leaving the series up on the wall for a couple of weeks so hopefully you can pop by!
I hope to be out painting again soon-I miss it!
The trees around here are looking very lovely these days!
Happy November y'all.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

30 Trees All together!

Here they all are!
What Fun. Believe it or not I'm doing another challenge- inktober!
An ink drawing a day.
 I'll post mostly on instargram.
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tree # 30! Done!

I treated myself to a Starbucks latte and breakfast sandwich on my way to this  spot in Couch Cemetery in Marshfield to paint my last 8"x10" canvas of the 30  tree project.
Cemeteries are great for trees and parking spots, and I usually leave out the headstones, but I didn't this time. Maybe because I am laying this project to rest.
It's been a wonderful experience and I will definitely be out painting a lot in October, but not as relentlessly! And it will be nice to explore some other subjects. I will be framing and tweaking all these and they will be for sale at Local Pottery in Norwell with an opening party November 3. I will be posting details! If you see one you want I will reserve. The prices are $150.  each.
What I learned:

Sometimes I can actually follow through with my commitments!
Even on grey, windy, rainy days I can paint en plein air- in my car!
I could find the time even on the busiest days.
I wasted little time finding the perfect spot to paint.
I tried acrylics and oils and got out my palette knife.
I enjoyed the responses and it helped me stay inspired.
I got over my not liking standard size format.
I liked using a limited palette at least to start the paintings.
I started to see the bigger shapes and left the details for later or never.
I have a rudimentary set up and it was just fine.
It was fun to see all 30 grow on my wall together!

Thank you Leslie Saeta for the challenge. I love that this is free and happens twice a year!

I will be posting all of them together once I create the image of that.

Thank you dear followers! Stay tuned- I will be painting a lot more!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Tree #29

Had a date with this copper beech today. My friends Jill and Chris live up the hill from the beautiful North River. So lucky and grateful for my friends!
 It was almost chilly enough for gloves! A welcome relief from the recent humidity. The massive quality of this beautiful tree was a challenge on my 8"x10" canvas...And I finished it in my studio after dark, so this photo was not taken not in the preffered natural light, but it is what it is.
One more to go!