Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Damons Point Sunrise

Got up early to touch up the lighthouse pole in Marshfield center so on my way stopped to see the sunrise! The fish were jumping- this guy was waiting for his breakfast.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

One Morning in Maine and Yoga Painting Retreat!

I was recently in Gotts Island Maine- a lovely tiny island where there are no cars , or electricity- so quiet and beautiful. We enjoyed a view of the milky way and brilliant stars every night. I filled a sketchbook with loose watercolors. Its was so restorative!
This is a veiw from behind the island Cemetery looking at a couple  of the beautiful houses.
I'd love to spend a couple of weeks there to paint. Next year perhaps!

Speaking of Maine and watercolors, Join me and Yogini Tricia Glynn at Namaste Yoga this October for a fun weekend!
We will be painting, doing yoga and relaxing together. This is a "real person " yoga retreat- 
( in other words wine is allowed LOL)
Contact Tricia here if you want to sign up!

Southern Maine Farmhouse Retreat
October 13-15, 2017
Now Booking!
14 Guest Max for this retreat. Sign up early!

You do not have to be a yogi or an artist to attend this retreat. 

YOGIS- So you're not an artist?  That's OK!  Remember way back when you were a child and you would paint a picture just for fun?  You didn't care if it was good or bad.  It was fun!  Painting classes are all levels and beginners, or those "afraid that they will be terrible" :-) are encouraged to try, but if you choose not to participate in the painting you will still get a LOT of yoga on this retreat. The painting workshop is half yoga and half painting.  If you do not want to paint, during the times when guests are invited to leave their yoga mats and go to their art work you can take a break, stay on your mat and stretch on your own, or practice your savasana.  I promise, no one will make you paint, but if you choose to try we are happy to help.

ARTISTS- So, you're not a yogi?  That is also ok!  Yoga classes are ALL levels.  Beginners are more than welcome.  Classes move slow to make it safe for beginners and those who prefer a gentle style class.  Challenges are also offered for students looking for a stronger practice.  We will move slowly working advanced posture from level 1 to 4, so you can decide how deep you want to travel into the work.  Breaks are encouraged when you need them.  Your yoga practice should feel good.  It should be an enjoyable time and I hope you will try it.  If not, The studio will be open to you during the weekend and you are welcome to come in and paint at any time.  Even during the yoga classes, as long as you are quiet and pause from your work or take a break during the Savasana (The last 10 minutes of each class).  If weather permits, you will not even want to be in the studio because the grounds are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Jorgi is the gardener and he is incredible.  You will feel the love that he has for his flowers and vegetables the moment you step outside.
Package Details
  • 2 Nights in a Traditional New England Farmhouse- All twin size beds. 
  • All Meals- Healthy, Delicious & Gluten Free.  Caterer has experience with special diets and is happy to meet your dietary needs.
  • ​One Yoga & Painting Workshop
  • Several 5 Minute Painting Tips Mini Classes throughout the weekend
  • 5 Yoga/Meditation Classes

Your non refundable deposit for this retreat is $100.  Your deposit holds your spot, so don't forget to send it with your registration.  A deposit for all guests staying in a private room must be sent to reserve a private room.  Final payment is due on or before August 31st.
14 Guest Maximum for this retreat.

Shared Room

$450pp-Quad Occupancy - $100 Deposit = $350 

Private Rooms
$450pp - Quad Occupancy- $100 Deposit = $350 

$500pp - Triple Occupancy- $100 Deposit = $400 
$550pp - Double Occupancy- $100 Deposit = $450 
$800 - Single Occupancy (Only one available)- $100 Deposit = $700 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Arts At Derby 2017- glass on glass mosaics

I just completed another fun filled five weeks at Derby Academys' Summer Arts program- it was so much fun, as always, and the weeks just flew by. I am so grateful to be able to work with the staff there- we are like family. The kids are amazing- not only do they produce tons of art, they do music, theatre, sports, cooking, sewing and write a newspaper every day. I made a video of my mosaic kids
 ( and few from the Baltimore Museum of visionary art) click here to watch.
The mosaics above were made by myself and Judy Benzaquin, co counsler, as surprise gifts to Susan and  Thalia (the directors) who are both wonderful and work all year round to make Derby the special place it is.
 I have a few days off now to putter around- starting back to the museum this Wednesday after a 5 week leave of absence.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alice's House

I was asked to curate the art for Alices House ( click the name for the story)
I am so amazed and inspired by the many artist that showed up to donate. Some pieces will be for sale to benefit the house, all of it will be there for visitors to enjoy.
Janet Gibson , the leader of all of this,  is absolutely wonderful and has inspired me too! Tomorrow we install the work in the gorgeous house.

Our meeting- Janet telling the story of Alice house...
wish I had a photo of all the artists .
As we toured the house the sky darkened and it poured rain!

Then it cleared...

And then...we witnessed a rainbow!

Here is my canvas for the house..

It's 4"x5" ( this is a scale reference)
 I will post all the other work tomorrow after the install.
Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Re-visiting watercolor

I love the medium of watercolor. It is fast, spontaneous  and clean- easy to pack on trips- and yet it can be also be very tricky. I am mostly an intuitive painter- which is a good thing, but also can be confusing. Different colors have different qualities- some colors are transparent and others opaque- and mixing colors can give you either luminous or dull effects. I've been feeling like my colors are dull- and paints old and tired.
I bought this book a few years ago and recently pulled it off the shelf.
I bit the bullet and bought new paint and a new pallete- mine was about 25 years old!
It's still usable but sometimes its worth it to start fresh...
I bought all the colors Jeanne Dobie recommends and set up the palette the way she suggested.
I'm practicing with color swatches and glaze exercises in the book.. but also just winging it outside because the weather has been so nice and I can't be inside!
This one is the Audubon sanctuary at the end of my street. I cheated with colored pencils and white acrylics for the flowers ( purists wouldn't approve!)

My neighbor has a huge meadow in the front of their yard filled with lupines. I love it every year!
This tractor is parked in from of Hornstra farms in Norwell. It is a little 20 minute sketch, tweaked a bit in studio from the photo I took.

This is a path to the North River that is accessible on the Driftway in Scituate (next to Dunkin Donuts)
I'm enjoying learning new things ! Good for my old brain.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

White Line Workshop with Lisa Houck and Amy McGregor Radin

A couple Saturdays ago there was a fantastic white-line printmaking workshop at the Art Complex Museum with printmakers Amy McGregor-Radin and Lisa Houck.
They really taught a great workshop!
I coordinated this class in conjunction with the exhibit they curated "Painted Shapes" at the Museum
(up till August 13- if you can go see it!) 
 White-line woodcuts were invented in Provincetown, MA- and is the only known print making method that originated in the United States.
The lines are cut into a piece of clear white pine with an exacto knife- then each section is painted with watercolors and printed by hand with a spoon or baren. The paper is attached to the board so registration is not a problem. I could see doing more of these!
                                                           here are some examples...

Instructor Lisa Houck

instructor Amy McGregor - Radin

Process shots-
cutting the lines
                                                          painting in with watercolor

Student work

This is my print- I took my design from a sketchbook ( above) I found recently in my attic-from a backpacking trip to Europe in 1985. I have enough sketches in that book to do a whole series!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last weekend I attended a 3 day mosaic workshop with Lisa Houck.  it was at Snow Farm- a wonderful place for craft retreats in Williamsburg, Ma.

I stayed in this building- there are 4 just like this. I had a roomate that I didn't meet till bedtime! It was like being in college, I was a little anxious about that but my roomie was great and quite a character. A real adventure. I would say the accommodations were spartan but clean and comfortable. 

This is the dining hall with outside area- food was delicious and plentiful- lots of vegan and gluten free options too. Coffee and tea available 24/7.

Here is my mosaic area. Lisa brought lots of glass- mostly mexican smalti- a thick glass made for mosaics and precut, we used nippers to cut further. I brought my hammer and hardie as well (a chisel and hammer used in traditional mosaic making).

Lovely weather and gorgeous pastoral grounds.

I wake up super early these days and was happy to have had a little time to paint on Sunday.

Here are the completed mosaics (before grouting), they are mostly 8"x8".

This last one is mine. I had made the ceramic fish at local pottery ( thank you lisa Howard!) and wanted to see how it would incorporate with the smalti - as well as vitreous glass which is thinner than smalti. For the most part I am happy with the piece but not sure about the background- could use more contrast with the fish I think - but I learned a ton about mosaics! 
Lisa Houck is an excellent teacher and the other classmates were great- we worked together day and night.
I hope to return someday!