Sunday, November 21, 2010


I painted this bowl with two pears this morning- Kate made it and I love it.
Kate is fighting a malignant brain tumor. She is the most courageous person I know .
Here is a picture of her in my back yard playing frisbee-- this was taken in 1975.

Below is a group of us at a sleepover- I think it was in 1972

Clockwise from left: Joyce Salvaggio (Arnold). Debbie( Rushton) Ellis, Daryl (Smalley) Mackenzie, Kate (Lyons) Disantis,Cheryl MacKenzie, me, and Janice Cumming.
I think we had all been swimming( or in the rain)
oh the good times.....
The fundraiser was a big success.
They raised over 60,000 tonight at the event. Governor Patrick made an appearance- he was a customer of Kates at Bella's in Randolph ( I shook his hand!)


Margaret Bailey said...

Yes, a great night. Breathtaking and hearwarming. Can't wait to hang your painting on my wall!

Nancy Colella said...

You are such a sweet and caring friend.Loved the old photos. Great memories.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Sally, what a wonderful photo.
I'm so sorry about Kate's illness :(