Friday, April 22, 2011

lovely bunch (work in progress)18"x18" acrylic on canvs

I love tulips so much- these were from Trader Joes and I bought them for my class to paint ( they did great paintings!)
This morning when I woke up Page Railsback's BEAUTIFUL tulip painting was waiting for me in my inbox- and it really inspired me to get out and paint mine!
The background is a funky roll of wallpaper with silver retro starbursts from the Marshfield "swap shop" (dump)
the canvas is from the dump too!
It had some sort of wall art printed on it- probably from home goods.
I love my dump! I gessoed it black and it was good to go.

Still more to go on this one...
oh! and the wine is from a student in my class - Im shocked that it is still unopened!

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