Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking rules and surprise in the compost!

This is a 20"x20" acrylic- according to art people a tree dead center is a no-no.
Pretty sure purple turtles are forbidden too.
I was in a funky mood yesterday- but this really cheered me up! I thought I had killed my pond plant- tried to winter in over in the basement and it looked totally dead- so I threw in in the compost- but yesterday there it was growing out of the garbage! It made me happy. I potted it up and put it back out in the pond. It gets huge! I believe its some kind of Taro plant. Love the heart shaped leaves.
Speaking of gardens I will be in the garden tour the Clift Rodgers library does every year- my assigned garden is on  the corner of Pine and 3A from 10-1 or 2. (Marshfield). Hope I can do a decent painting...


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Fun painting, and I hate to correct you but that tree is perfectly off-center to the right, that's why it looks so good! And I"m happy the universe chose to surprise you with that pond plant.... you should always smile!

Fay Terry said...

This is a really good painting and I was going to say the same thing Kelley did about the tree-it works for that reason. I love it when plants magically re-appear that you thought were totally gone-my hibiscus from last year did that, too!