Sunday, November 11, 2012

Breakfast with Buddha

I finally read this book- it really hit home with me. Loved it.
Breakfast with Buddha is a 2007 spiritual fiction novel by American author Roland Merullo. According to this story, Otto Ringling, an editor of food books who lives in New York and a skeptic, reluctantly goes onto a road trip with Volya Rinpoche, a Siberian monk. This story, narrated in the first person by Otto, describes Otto's thoughts and beliefs, his conversations with the Rinpoche, and how he gains new perspectives on the world as well as his life, as a result of Volya Rinpoche's company.

This is an oil done from my buddha head.I think I might have overworked it...heres what it looked like before I glommed paint all over it...the underpainting is a thin layer of oil- I like the glow.
Oh well- I can always do another.....its a practice- like meditation.....

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Paula Villanova said...

If you ask me...I'd say it's not overworked at all...I really loved that this painting achieved that feeling of peace and calm I get when I see a buddha sculpture...the glow is nice on the underpainting, but I believe the finished piece seems fully developed. Nice.