Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gratitude # 121

I love me my espresso.

I make it on the stove and froth my skim milk with my 2.99 Ikea frother.
My trick is- froth the milk in the mug cold (1 percent or skim works better for frothing)- microwave for 35 seconds and pour the espresso into the mug right over the milk.
heaven! Try to make a heart shape for a little extra lovin.

                                                      No need for a fancy machine here!

I'm still WAY too busy for words- with my commissions and work and other volunteer things. I've also been invited to be in an upcoming mosaic exhibit at the Fuller Museum. I want to try to keep painting my gratitudes however- I definitely missed the ritual and the thinking up of gratitudes..
I just have to make the paintings a little more simple to save time.

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