Monday, June 3, 2013

Commission for First Parish Church

It was a special honor to be asked to paint this for Vicki Weinstein- a friend and also the minister of the Unitarian First Parish of Norwell.
Norwell is my home town and I love the center.
This was fun. Here are a few details ( I put a few sneakily up on FB to tease her- she had no idea!)

made up cape ( represents community)

                                                                     Kent house...
The parsonage ( Vickis green car with Max the beagle and Ermingard the cat- teeny tiny)

The flowers were fun

The James Mom was once a librarian there...

And the finished piece- 20"x20" acrylic on cradled panel.


Paula Villanova said...

This is a true the overall design and warm, welcoming to look at...each time I look at it, I notice something new!

Page Railsback said...

Oh Sally This is very beautiful, mystical, fun..Can you make it a poster..I bet a lot of people will want this