Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gratitude # 140

We have been having the most beautiful fall ever! Day after day of brilliantly sunny days. I love the gathering in and together that occurs in this season- possibly my favorite season of all. I love the pumpkins and apples , thinking about savory stews and delicious roasted delectables. I'm about to take a long walk in a nearby woods. I   really don't mind the short days- more reason to light candles and get the jammies on.Winter is coming - I love being inside my studio on the cold and sometimes grey days.

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to participate in a workshop at my favorite store Native- these guys from Oaxaca, Mexico came with their tools to demo and share the  brightly colored animal painting techniques. I am working on an elephant. I am sure that the pattern making will be showing up in my work to come! It's was a really fun and lively group.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Love, love love the painted animals… love your Autumn painting, too, it's everything I love about Fall.

Nancy Colella said...

That is all so cool! Love the elephant!

Sally Dean said...

love love love you guys!