Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Day of the Year!

I hope everyone of you have a safe and happy New Years eve - I have been blessed with family and friends all week long.
My show in Cohassett ends on Thursday ... It's been a fun couple of months.
I have done a lot of tiny dog portraits and am gearing up for the 30 day  challenge- Leslie Saeta (this is her painting of the buoys) did this last year and it prompted me to paint the little gratitude paintings. I recommend looking at her blog - there are so many artists doing this- you can surf the blogs for hours! I see lots and lots of dogs and it really inspires me.
Thanks for sending me emails with photos of your dogs - I plan to attempt all of them.
I mostly want to focus on heads and shoulders- and good clear photos preferably taken outside are the best to work from. I'm finding that some dogs are easier than others but I will do my best.

The 6"x6" original  paintings will be $125. There is no pressure to buy your dog's portrait but you will have first refusal... 
I can make   4"x4" reproductions mounted on blocks like the ones above for $50.
Happy new year!

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