Thursday, March 13, 2014

Commissioned piece 20"x36" acrylic on stretched canvas

I posted this watercolor the other day- a mash up of David Brega's beautiful painting of GAR hall, and one of  Carole Bolsey's amazing boat paintings. It was just for fun! But I was asked to replicate it on a canvas at a much bigger size. CHALLENGE!
Watercolor and acrylic are very different- although I could have tried to approach it in a similar way,  I have to paint how it comes naturally to me.
 Here is the painting I had posted.
Somehow I couldn't do a winter tree. Hmmm. I had done the distant trees first and they were green and lush and summery. So I made a tree with leaves, and added fireflies into the middle ground. I sure hope the client likes this!
its not a great picure,as you can see we are having another snowstorm. those are snowflakes- not shooting stars!
I still need to tweak this a bit more...
and I really want to say thanks to David and Carole!


Fay Terry said...

Wow, these are both gorgeous! No doubt your client will love it. The moon behind the leaves is wonderful and so are the lighted windows in the house.
You do amazing things with your magic brushes.

Sally Dean said...

thanks Fay!