Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back from Road Trip- back to work!

Last week Al and I took to the road- first stop- to visit Maddie in Nashville. I actually saw GREEN there! (Happy St. Paddy's Day, Y'ALL!)

We ate a lot, saw good music. visited Maddie's school- Belmont University, where she is getting her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Nashville is a totally fun place!
We brought Samantha, Maddie's Cousin, and Sami's boyfriend Sam (pair of Sams) as a surprise. It was fun to surprise her with her cousin! Here she is at the big "reveal"

Such awesome young adults!

The school is really beautiful! 
On the way back we sent through Muncie, Indiana, and visited with Al's sister Kathie and her husband Greg. They took really good care of us and showed us around their town. Muncie is the home of the Ball jar! We visited a great art show and orchid greenhouse, and saw where Kathie works with special needs adults doing crafts. It's a wonderful program and so important. Inspiring!
Next stop was in New Paltz, New York to see Al's sister Chris and our nephew Nathan. So fun!
On the last day on the mass Pike we heard a scraping noise under the car. Al shimmied under and saw the problem- a cover for the exhaust was dangling. We were not near a garage so Al fixed us up with paper clips, and crochet yarn. Wow. Now we call him McGuiver!
Last stop was to pick up Winnie at Al's brother Jon's. Jon takes really good care of Winnie. I don't think she wanted to leave!

And yes- back to work on the big canvases. For me the best part of a trip (besides seeing family) is getting back home, to my dog, my house and my studio!

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