Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Final French Post

Ok - I know it was May that I went to France - writing about this trip has taken me months! So much busy-ness these days -and  I see a lot of my blogging friends are slowly getting back to posting as well.

                   Heres my room in Servon where I stayed. I slept like a rock most of the nights!
this was taken out of the window on the way from Servon to Sucy.

                             Our group hosted a brunch for the french hosts before we left.
                                    This is the view out a window in the cafe. SO pretty!

Here I am with Eleanor- she stole our hearts!

Madeline with her hosts children-lots of love there!
Heres the motley USA crew..
Look what happened when we got on the bus! Everyone was crying!
What an amazing and wonderful experience this was. I am so grateful to have been able to go. 
We are hosting the French group next April... Can't wait!

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