Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last weekend I attended a 3 day mosaic workshop with Lisa Houck.  it was at Snow Farm- a wonderful place for craft retreats in Williamsburg, Ma.

I stayed in this building- there are 4 just like this. I had a roomate that I didn't meet till bedtime! It was like being in college, I was a little anxious about that but my roomie was great and quite a character. A real adventure. I would say the accommodations were spartan but clean and comfortable. 

This is the dining hall with outside area- food was delicious and plentiful- lots of vegan and gluten free options too. Coffee and tea available 24/7.

Here is my mosaic area. Lisa brought lots of glass- mostly mexican smalti- a thick glass made for mosaics and precut, we used nippers to cut further. I brought my hammer and hardie as well (a chisel and hammer used in traditional mosaic making).

Lovely weather and gorgeous pastoral grounds.

I wake up super early these days and was happy to have had a little time to paint on Sunday.

Here are the completed mosaics (before grouting), they are mostly 8"x8".

This last one is mine. I had made the ceramic fish at local pottery ( thank you lisa Howard!) and wanted to see how it would incorporate with the smalti - as well as vitreous glass which is thinner than smalti. For the most part I am happy with the piece but not sure about the background- could use more contrast with the fish I think - but I learned a ton about mosaics! 
Lisa Houck is an excellent teacher and the other classmates were great- we worked together day and night.
I hope to return someday!


Lindsay Neidholdt said...

Oh, honey!

How fun!!! I love your beautiful pieces. And your amazing talent.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh man!
How awesome!