Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Bunch, new beginnings

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my brand new blog. As summer fades I find myself feeling like its time to get back to basics.I could sign up for a class, but really just am looking for a personal artistic challenge. I have friends who blog and I have watched them grow into amazing artists-and it has inspired me.I find that whenever i am stuck and don't know what to paint I set up some flowers and try to paint them. I never really thought of myself as a flower painter but I think that they are so ethereal, so fleeting and lovely and I find looking at them meditative, calming and somehow they link me to my spiritual self.
So I am embarking on my biggest challenge yet- a flower a day. Yup- 365. All different mediums and all different approaches...but something every day.
I will be sending you a flower every day ( if you become a follower). I hope you do!
Rose of Sharon, Goldenrod, Nasturtium and one Zinnia- acrylic on canvas 22"by 30"

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