Monday, August 31, 2009

rose and hip-8" by 8" oil on panel bittersweet time of year...

This flower and rosehip was picked from Humarock beach yesterday where I took my dogs for a good long walk.
One blossom was so fragrant it filled my studio with the heavenly scent.
The rose hips are so abundant this year-and seeing them makes me feel a little sad that summer is ending- yet there are still blossoms and buds- transition. Still a bit of summer left!
8" by 8" oil on panel

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Gail Hunter said...

Sally, this is amazing. You really are inspirational. I love the challenge you have set for yourself! I love flowers too, and have always been amazed at the variety and the color and form. I love showing them to the kids and seeing them through their eyes. I want one every day! How do I sign up?