Sunday, June 6, 2010

weed 3"x3" acrylic on salvaged panel

I found a cool thing to paint on- it's wooden and it has 9 little squares like tiles- I gessoed it and am going to fill it with close- ups of the tiny weeds that grow around my yard and street. Painting on black is a challenge but I like it-
The yellow thing in the middle reminds me of those plastic things you stab into cobs of corn!

It will be 9 days of weeds.
BTW- thank you to Jane from Hawaii who educated me about hog weed- I got it all out of my yard! It was giant and could cause skin cancer-jeez-I just thought it was pretty! 


Paintings by Patricia said...

Intriguing project, Sally. Such tiny paintings. Thanks for the info on Hogweed. Good to know.

Manon Doyle said...

That's going to be pretty cool, Sally. Can't wait to see it when it's done!!

Anonymous said...

Hogweed? And here I thought it was just deadly night shade! :D

One of the art associations I belong to once held a show with weeds as the theme. It was great!