Monday, September 6, 2010

#357 Naumkeg design ( work in progress)

4:30 AM- I woke up and couldn't sleep- all of a sudden I felt the inevitable crunch- must be labor day! I worked on this a bit, still more to go. I love painting in the early hours.
I am in a group show coming up in about a month at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River - its all about animals- so I worked on the painting I had started at my  Duxbury demo.
I plan to do "fin  fur and feather" on three different canvases.

Al and I worked on cleaning and readying our house for my Dad who flies in tomorrow from Hawaii for 3 weeks- it inspired me to paint my porch floor.

Those are my bunion-ey feet in desperate need of a pedicure!
We ended up the day with a lovely walk on the beach- I took a dip in the ocean- the water was warm ( for us)
We saw this guy catch a bass (he threw it back) Winnie was not sure what to think about the fish!

Happy end of Summer everyone- the apples are ready and people already have the mums and pumpkins out- bring on FALL!


Paintings by Patricia said...

The Narrows is a great exhibit space. I was there last winter. Have fun painting and enjoy the visit from your Dad.

Page Railsback said...

yup..knew just don't even sleep..that's how you do all that you do