Friday, September 24, 2010

#361 Fox at the Pond-30"x30" acrylic on canvas- work in progress

I sat at the breakfast bar with my husband and father this morning looking at the image of this painting and asked both of them for their opinions.
Each of them said they didn't really like the round flowers in the foreground. I liked them! But I had to agree they didn't work in this painting. So I blacked them out and plan to put purple iris there. I also continued the trees in the background. Dad suggested a rabbit hidden in the foreground- I love that idea!


Paula Villanova said...

This is a little close to home...we have a fox that visits our yard almost daily, he's a bit bold and stares right at us as he tromps through the yard. He is a pretty animal though...hope he's peaceful though, like yours seems to be in this sweet painting.

Paintings by Patricia said...

Coming along great, Sally. I like the trees across the back.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I LOVE the trees along the back and actually didn't mind the round flowers. However, these new flowers are nicely shaped. I wouldn't alter them too much. I think that dark works well in that corner.
Your scenes are so magical. I can see you as a book illustrator.