Thursday, February 24, 2011

mermaid and her moon

I used the back of the cradled panel as a shadowbox,    cut out the plywood mermaid and added wood sides- this morning when I went out to my studio I discovered some hooligans had been playing with her décolletage!
Who could that of been?
And there was the distinct aroma of merlot... hmm.

I know this winter has been cold and long. But last night I when I was coming back into the house I  was awed by the beauty of the clear night sky with the bare branches reaching up to the stars.

Winter is a good time for...
painting wild colorful things
cuddling up in jammies
warm  delicious foods
tackling those inside projects
planning the next seasons gardens
being with friends.
Spring is coming- I will be happy, but I have enjoyed the winter- truly!


Marie Flaherty said...

I love the Nicho effect with the canvas...can't wait to see in person on March 4th

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I totally agree with your take on winter and YES I don't have to deal with it but the night sky, the crisp air.....ahhhhhh
May I say that these assemblages are your best pieces!!! I love them.

bryson said...

Hi, the mermaid piece and the winter sky photo are great.

We've rented a cottage in Onset for a week this August, and it's called "The Lazy Mermaid". Your piece would look wonderful there.

It will be during my birthday - come visit then! XO Bryson

Paintings by Patricia said...

Really like your mixed media pieces....and the night sky is truly beautiful, and I will have spring now.
BTW great article in SSL.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love your paintings, but MOST of all I love your mixed media pieces like this. It just makes me so happy to look at it - it radiates joy. Thanks! and the sky has been so very wonderful these winter nights, I agree. Paco and I have enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Love your mermaid and your lovely thoughts on winter. Truly delightful!

Paula Villanova said...

Glad someone else has enjoyed this winter! I have found it to be a visual pleasure. I'll be ready for Spring also, but I've gotta say...this one has been a real your mermaid.