Monday, February 7, 2011

think Im done and my mosaic class

I am thinking about Spring. Its coming. I can feel it today.

I wanted to share the mosaics done by the fantastic Seoane girls -  beautiful mother Jane  and two gorgeous talented daughters, Jenna and Kendra.
If you live near the Ventress library in Marshfield go check out Jane's show- she and her husband Lou both paint- and some of the work is co- created- fabulous!

Jenna- New Zealand memory

Kendra-- spirit dancer

Jane- boats in the sea

( I made up their titles!)

Im so lucky to be able to share creative time with these wonderful people.

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Maddie Mello said...

i LOVE the painting so much. It is so spring-like and happy and colorful. The bird is beautiful. Also, those mosaics are so awesome... they are really creative.