Monday, March 21, 2011

"Cat in the Hall" (for Help Japan) watercolor on paper 10"x16"

The folks at Daily Paintworks  are dedicated to helping the people in Japan whose lives have been ravaged by the Tsunami . The theme of the challenge  is "At Home".  I do not take for granted my home and the warmth it provides.
My heart goes out to those on Japan that have lost everything- and hope that can they begin to heal . They can never replace their loved ones, but hopefully they can rebuild their homes.
This watercolor is from a photo of my tiny back hall, looking into one of my girls bedrooms.
I do not own a cat, but growing up there was always a golden tabby cat in my life. I put one here - the hall looked so empty.
I hope my painting brings in a little bit of money to help Japan, and there are several options of what charity the money can go to. Please visit this page to see the art there.

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Anonymous said...

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