Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fun stuff I did over the past few days ...


                                 I attended the Art Fest at Kennedy's garden center.
                       This is the fantastic Mac Haran with her unbelievably adorable
                                     knitted stuff. She is extremely entertaining!

                                 This was fun to watch too- didn't get his name- I LOVE GLASS!

My friend Lisa's pocketbook- I am totally going to put this in a painting!

The next day I worked with a brownie troop at the Art Complex Museum-
the girls were looking up at the whimsical bird sculptures by Brad Story- and drew on their bellies.
You can't see the sculptures in this picture but look at the shadows on the walls!

Then they painted them. I love their results and so did they- they said it helped them "let go"
Do 9 year olds need help "letting go"?


Paintings by Patricia said...

Didn't know about the Kennedy Art fair. Looks like fun.
Great little paintings, Sally.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I think 9 years old is where you START needing to let it go! You are fantastic - oh, to be a 9 year old around you! xoox

Nancy said...

Wish I had gone to the Art Fest. I saw their sign but forgot. Old Age!!!