Monday, July 11, 2011

quick daisy 4"x4" acrylic

I don't love the chain link fence around the pool area in my back yard, but I like the pattern it makes behind my shasta daisy! I did this this morning after seeing Page Railsbacks quickie zinnia ( thanks Page for the inspiration!)
Yesterday I was treated to a visit to Halfway pond in Plymouth. My charming hostess Diana and I  dined and kayaked . I felt like I was in girl scouts again. It was so soothing ! We saw two bald eagles and a few turtles sunning.
I love the smell of pine needles in the sun.
ahhh, life!
Here is a photo Diana took- not the turtle we saw yesterday, but a resident of the pond...
my arms hurt today  ):


Nancy Colella said...

Sounds like the perfect summer Sunday to me!

Fay Terry said...

Love the quick daisy, nice day you had yesterday,kayaking will really get to your arms.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

the smell of pine needles always reminds me of camping. What a fabulous day. TWO BALD EAGLES!!! WOW!