Friday, November 4, 2011

getting ready!

Lots to do- my punch list is long! I hope to see some of you tomorow or Sunday- looks like the weather is going to be good!
The sale is in my brother's barn ( not my studio- too small!)- 440 Spring- its across the street and down 3 houses from me just in case you forget,,,,

There will be deep discounts and I am giving 10 percent to the Aspergers Association of New England.
Credit Cards Accepted!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Good luck with the sale, Sally.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

wish i could be there!!

Fay Terry said...

Wow, what a beautiful barn and a great place for your sale. Have fun, wish I could come to your sale.

Sally Dean said...

I wish you all could be there too- my virtual painting pals!