Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart you!

My dear late stepfather, Rollin W. Bailey, wrote a valentine poem every year for the Norwell Mariner when he was in his eighties.
Here's one of my favorite ones.

Oh Valentine, the world is in the throes
Of hate and greed, of war and world wide woes.
Dear Valentine, we must keep faith and strive
To heal our world by keeping love alive.

Our  worldly goods are temporal, I know
Our earthly bodies also come and go,
One certain  thing that everlasting stands,
Love freely shared, all peoples in all lands.

RWB 2005

Happy Valentines Day!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Great poem for this day and every day...

Maureen Brookfield said...

A beautiful poem for Valentine's Day, Sally, and love your illustration!