Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dream Studio- 5"x5" oil on panel

The little building on the rocks is an artist studio.
COME ON! I would not know what to paint- except the water.
I love the little distant islands of tress- reminds me of tall ships. We did see a few on their way to Portland way off in the distance- the golden light on their sails was majestic.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You definitely did justice to this place! I love the free brushstrokes where the muddy sand meet the water - FABULOUS!

Nancy Colella said...

You handles those rocks and sand in the foreground beautifully. This has such a Maine feel. You nailed it!

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful painting. Wouldn't this be magnificent as a studio! Wow.

Gorgeous thought too.

Take care,


M.F.Bruno said...

You really captured this beautifully, Sally. Love how you handled the rocks. Meanwhile Kelley and I were getting blown and rocked on the dock...haha!