Friday, July 13, 2012

plein air on Riverside 9"x12" oil

I set up this morning in my Friend Ellen Callahans driveway- she is sort of the mayor of Riverside circle in Marshfield- walks all many of the neighborhood dogs-and  she invited me to paint her back yard and while I was there the lawn people came- and the garbage men- she gave us all cold water. it was simply nice.Still need to tweak this one...
I have been slacking on the drawing challenge- but I do draw in my sketchbook a lot so I figure I can post these ones from the Maine farmhouse.
                                Chair and freakishly large oil lantern( it was in the foreground)

Joreen and her wine....reading her new Frank Benson book she got at the Farnswoth Museum. She looks like she's about 8 here...(underage drinking!)

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