Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pop fish 10"x10" acrylic

Started this one early this summer as a demo the the South Shore Art Center and finished it this morning. I've been doing more representaional  stuff lately, so it was fun to do this one.
I have enjoyed summer so much , been around lots of water.  I've been loving the Macombers Ridge/Trouants island section of Marshfield- kayaking to the "spit"- and yesterday I walked through the very  high tide across the causeway to see my friend Beth on the tip of Trouants... It was amazing to walk through the ocean amidst the crabs and jellyfish, egrets and gulls. Like being a part of the sea. The water was up to my mid- thighs- what a workout!
 I ended the day kayaking around Long Pond in Plymouth with my friend Caroline, visited a metal sculptor who lives on the pond, heard a little music floating across the water from the music camp there..and had a cocktail looking up at Osprey through the pines. Life is magical and I am feeling lucky.
Today I am pretty sore, wonder why!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

All fun and lively and colorful! You walked through JELLYFISH? Sorry, I would have driven around to meet you!!!!

But see, Maddie is happy and you can be happy, too. Life IS magical, and you reveal the magic to us!