Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camp and mosaic kids

Tomorrow the 5 week camp ends with our "festival" day where all the campers share what they have created. Music, music video, soap opera production, one act play, mini-musical, animation, tap and hip hop dance, photography, sewing, quilts, pottery, jewelry, mosaics, miniature rooms, landscape painting, painted furniture and more is shared with the families and friends and anyone that wants to come. It is truly amazing what the kids produce in a mere five weeks. Last night the musical for the older kids, The Drowsy Chaparone was performed .I was blown away by the talent! I hate to see it end- it is also a lot of fun for the counselors. I am ready for a bit of a slower pace though- until next summer!
It's tomorrow from 9-3 ish at Derby Academy in Hingham if anyone wants to see what it's all about.

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