Thursday, June 19, 2014

Enjoying moments

This past Tuesday I spent a blissful morning painting in Irena Romans Back yard.This is her neighbors house with her irises in the foreground  My daughter had just left after a month of being home. It was a good thing to get out and paint. Irena and her husband John , both illustrators, have a beautiful home and Irena has a wonderful generous heart. She gave me this book. It's all about letting your children go and soar on their own. It was the perfect gift to receive, also because that same day was my late  Mother's birthday.

I am trying not to wallow in the empty nest syndrome! 

I am making a sketchbook out of paper grocery bags to paint in. I feel so guilty when I forget my cloth shopping bags so I take paper when I can ! This way I have plenty of  toned paper. I am learning the coptic stitch bookbinding technique from You Tube. 

Winnie is a big help too. Here she is waiting for me to feed the fish.

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