Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lighthouses and Fairy houses!

My daily paintings have lapsed a bit- I'm still painting however ( it's truly my addiction!)
Yesterday was a  very busy day. Seaside Homes Reaty hired m to paint a utility pole in Marshfield on 3A by the Veterans Park. I had to wait for the weekend to do it as it's such a busy intersection. I got the first coat on the pole- and right after that I went to work at the Art Complex making fairy houses with kids and their parents. I'm back there today for the opening reception. In the evening I attended a fantastic art opening in Duxbury for my friend Lucy. I am up early today and plan on finishing the lighthouse. Madeline MacDonald of Seaside Homes obtained permission to do all this and she is having sand installed with a few big rocks to "seaside up" the traffic island.

My photoshopped plan for the lighthouse! There's Madeline walking over to tend the flowers. She is there every weekend. You can't see the other bigger island she adopt but its' beautiful and filled with perennial flowers.

My fairy house  moss collection helper Winnie.

The adorable kids and their magical fairy houses! 

Lucy Hutchinson and Judy Vose at the art opening.What a day!

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