Friday, September 19, 2014

R is for Rabbit

Every evening at dusk there are bunnies in my yard. I had a couple as pets when the kids were little- but it didn't last. I don't do well with things in cages...

Alden House Paint night!

Last night I taught a "paint along night" at the Alden house in Duxbury. Such fun! 
Below is the original photo I used for the painting...
And the painting I did 

                                       Here are a couple happy participants- notice John and Priscilla behind them- from the wax museum- they sort of scared me ....

Hard at work- no fun here! ( notice wine glasses)

               Matt- the Alden house director on the left- and his sister on the right- they were fun!

Look at the awesome results of the evening!

This gal likes the xerox cut out tracer so much she glued it right on! Mixed media!

This one had her own unique vision- we had to stop her from overdoing!

It was a fantastic evening! We hope to do more.

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