Monday, September 21, 2015

A night at the Castle (back to France!)

Before the trip to France fades in my memory I'm back to blogging about it.
They have a fundraiser at the castle in Sucy en Brie every spring- we were honored guests- and this time it was a murder mystery night- ( all in french so I couldn't really understand!) The theme was twenties- Below is the group shot of us and our hosts.
Practically the whole town turned out for the event-
                                                            Betty T. really looks sharp! 
Elaine and Cedrick ( organizers of the event and adorable)

The sweet Eleanor ( Cedrick's daughter)

The servers were a riot- really in character)

Marie and her  super fun host Florence

Dancing in the castle!

Sunset behind the castle.

Of course- more champagne...


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