Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rósoín O'Farrell at the Art Complex!

This is so exciting- I have followed Rò's blog for a long time (when I started blogging - she was on a few friends blogs as a link) and later through a mutual friend on Facebook, I learned that she had done a house exchange in Duxbury. We have been conspiring for a year and a half to get her to come to the US and teaching and exhibiting- and finally- she's coming this Friday and her work has been shipped to the museum - and it is GORGEOUS!

I'm happy to say her classes are filling (still a bit of room if you are interested)
If you are in the area please come this Sunday to meet her!
We also are opening two other shows that day- and the fairy houses will be on display.
Happy Fall!


Paintings by Patricia said...

I love her work and also follow her blog. I so wish I could take her class, but not possible at this time. I will get to see her paintings though.

Fay Terry said...

You are so lucky! I have followed her for a long time, also. I'd love to meet her.
Have fun and I hope you post more about her stay in Duxbury.