Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Art from Isle Mujeres

I finally have gotten around to posting these- I left a month ago tomorrow- time whizzes by doesn't it?

This was the first morning. I thought painting on black would be fun- but it soaked up the pigment a lot. I had fun arranging my little pieces of stuff I collected while I was there around the edges of the paper in my studio this morning.
It's about 5 degrees out here today ( feels like) Mexico seems so far away!

I sat across from this on the ocean walkway and painted-tough to find spots to sit while painting there!  I had two adorable Mexican kids hanging out with me the whole time probably wondering why I would want to paint the rubble...

This was a courtyard that has a rusty old bike  and some other debris...

Looking toward the East, again black paper- looks better now than I thought at the time...

From the beach another morning. 
That's pretty much it! Thanks for looking.

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