Monday, March 13, 2017

Home Improvement

I have been thinking for a long time about repainting the part of my house that people see when they first come in- it was badly in need of a make over- winter is the perfect opportunity for me to tackle indoor projects - once the warm weather comes I want to be out! My trip to Mexico really inspired me too. Also, I purchased a book called Crafting  a Colorful Home by Kristin Nicholas recently and her bold use of color really helped me break out- thank you Kristin!
Before- a mash up of drab color! I scraped wallpaper that I had hung maybe 15 years ago- no wallpaper for me ever again thank you!)

Pinterest inspiration

I purchased the moroccan pillow (in the center) from Native in Scituate- my main source of inspiration! I consulted with the owner (Marie) she has a great eye for color and design and helped me so much! 

I went with this palette -
Lowes helped me too! I usually use the Ben Moore paint- but went with Valspar- I was very happy with it and the price was a LOT better...

The hallway with all the doors got completely done in a purple gray to show off the wildly painted floor- I painted right over the old floor- it's plywood and has been painted many times- I actually may never get around to tiling it!

A mermaid and turtle on the floor -why not!

the powder room got the yellow paint- need some fun new towels...
Lisa Howard of Local Pottery made my sink and tiles many moons ago...

The sitting area got the salmon color. I hired Hilary from Duxbury do the cushion slipcovers (using drop cloths from Lowes- my go-to) she's the best!

Lamp hack-I took the crystals off the chandelier and batiked the shades- couldn't resist putting fake lemons in the bowl ( thank you Duxbury Dump! for the fake fruit)

I am thinking of buying a new fixture for this area but in the meantime this will do.
I love my house now!
Now I just need to clean it..LOL


Gail Hunter said...

Inspired! It really is warm & welcoming and the perfect invitation to explore your artful home of color! Every time I go South I return inspired to fill my house & wardrobe with COLOR, but I always chicken out. I LOVE how you go boldly & accomplish it all so quickly. It's so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love. Love. Love it!
How absolutely freeing to just change the entire look!
You are unstoppable ❤️

KMMogayzel said...

You've inspired me to get off my butt and finally tackle what I need to do in our condo. I spent last summer removin g wallpaper & scraping and painting my parents 50+ year old house I grew up in and now own. Son's Wedding is looming and I've got to get this done!

Roberta said...

You are amazing. What a fun project(s). I would never have the guts to even try to create such a vibrant house. But I love it!

Jade Graham said...

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klotylda said...

Talking about home improvement, I am beyond happy with what the home improvement team (you can find them at has done with my kitchen - it has never looked so good!

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