Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Visit with Jane Filer

I have just returned from Chapel Hill, NC, to visit the amazing and magical artist Jane Filer. She shows her work at Tyndall Gallery and it was just about a complete sell out! That girl can paint!
Her home , her friends, her family, the surrounding countryside all charmed me to no end. I will not forget this trip ever. I'm so lucky to call Jane my friend. Here are some pictures from the trip.
Her mural at the Raleigh Durham airport

Jane's Door. 

One of my faves. Red dots everywhere!

Janes "heads". They come to all her openings and mingle and dance. I smiled the whole time I was there as did everyone else. She created a whole world of her own and all the folks who love Jane are wonderful too. 
Stilt walker!

a detail

Kids love her openings too!

another detail of one of my faves.

The Mayor of Elizabeth City ( on right) has a chuckle with this head

Jane has little sculptures everywhere you look in her handbuilt house in the woods.

The gallery empty.

Jane and Me.
We sure had fun! Thanks Jane!


Lindsay Neidholdt said...

Such a magical wonderful show! Jane is a truly special person, and she sure knows how to make everyone feel the same. Thanks for making the night even better, sally. We Bay S
tate Babies love a good time.

Stephanie Berry said...

How cool you got to visit with someone so imaginative and creative. I've been a Filer fan for a lone time and pin a LOT of her paintings.