Friday, December 24, 2010

Kate's Last Piece

My friend Kate died yesterday after a year long fight against a brain tumor.
 Her wonderful family was huge and she was right in the middle.
She was a tireless worker, had three jobs, and raised three sons. Her  husband and family and friends rallied around her right up to the end. My heart goes out to all of them. Kate will be missed so much.This is her last piece, done with her left hand as her right side was not able to move.
It looks so hopeful to me- tree of life burning bright.

I put aside my religious study for today but somehow my rendition of Kate ended up looking like the Madonna ( not really like her!)
She was a wonderful mother. She made beautiful pottery (in the painting the 7 bowls represent her siblings- the three hands - her sons, her ring- her husband Scott, her beloved pets, her home and her garden, the sketch pad, her pastels.
We love you Kate. You are around us still by the beauty you gave to us.


Paintings by Patricia said...

Beautifully said, Sally.
She left a wonderful legacy.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

So sorry, Sall, for your - and their- loss. I hope she's at peace, and that her children and husband, and family can find peace of their own.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

A beautiful tribute to a friend. The symbols you included in the drawing are touching.
Life is full of such sadness and I guess we just have to live with it.
You're a special friend and a prolific and multi-talented artist SDM.
Love you.

Paula Villanova said...

Sally, this is such a beautiful and gentle tribute to your dear friend Kate; thank you for sharing this with us. Wishing you and Kate's family and loved ones much comfort.