Tuesday, December 28, 2010

painting my glass off

my set up

my acrylic start of a painting... 

This months Girl Just Wanna Paint challenge is glass.
These are just warm ups. Im not sure if I will go straightforward or do something more imaginative.
Im thinking of the latter, this is fun but I'm feeling ho-hum, so what, its glass with colorful water.
I want to make a picture- a story starring glass.


Margaret Bailey said...

The story I find interesting about glass is that it reflects other things and other things can also be seen through it. Glass creates a world where disparate things can appear to become one, and something new might be created. Glass is a challenge to paint! Good luck!

bryson said...

Consider too that mirrors are made of glass. You could create a narrative around some kind of mirror. Sounds like a challenge, but fun! Good luck with it-

Kathy Cousart said...

I like what you have here- Great job on the glass and all the reflections!
I think the title is fun..build on that?? Haha!

Sally Dean said...

great ideas and thoughtful comments- thanks!