Sunday, September 18, 2011

#23, #24 and #25/80- 8"x8"

Friday's watercolor sketch looking at the front of Lisa Mackins shop- Homegrown Arts and Crafts

 Saturday's Zinnia- watercolor and Caran dache water soluble crayons

And this morning's acrylic painting at Cornhill Lane in Marshfield- the North river. The feel of autumn is in the air- its quiet, fragrant and the warm oranges and ochres are starting to appear.My friend Laura Harvey refers to it as "that fall feeling" and I love it!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Love that marsh view! Nice job - 3 posts in one! Now you can take a couple of days off! xo

Fay Terry said...

These are all terrific-you are really moving along on your eighty eight by eights.
My fav is the zinnia because it looks like it was so much fun to do.

Sally Dean said...

Thank you both! No, no days off. I was behind!

Nathalie Royston said...

Sally, I remember you talking about this painting when Nancy and I were installing her piece at The Art Complex Museum. It's a great composition, really love the colors.