Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sedum 21/80 8"x8" acrylic on panel

I love getting up and wandering around looking for my next subject.
This is a birdbath I mosaiced the base of many years ago.
It sits amidst the raccous garden overrun by datura , grasses and weeds. At least the sedum has it's self together.
The sun peeked over the high  trees in my back yard and painted yellows on the leaves. It was magical.
I've been making a mental  list of the moments of summer. I think for me summer is really a string of moments-. Fleeting. Some are really not so spectacular but left a memory- others are pretty huge.

heres a few moments of summer in no particular order...

a bird perched over my head as I painted a pretty barn, he stayed for a long time over me
watching a little boy ride his bike past my house while beautiful music inside played the soundtrack
My oldest daughter walking across the stage receiving her college diploma
seeing my mother for the last time and laughing at her silly jokes
my youngest singing a beautiful song at my mothers memorial service
a dragonfly riding next to me for a long time as I rode my bike down my street
sitting on my friend's boat in the harbor with my goddess friends and getting shooshed -we were too loud!
sitting around bonfires sharing stories with friends
watching my dog barrel into a green pond not knowing it was water and how surprised she was
kayaking on a pond in Plymouth and seeing the full moon rise and padding around ( a little champagne was involved!)
(our hostess took this photo and got a little creative with it- I'm in the yellow boat)
I know I will think of more!
What are your moments?

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