Monday, October 3, 2011

# 39 and #40/80 8"x8"s and FRIDAY FUN!

This one I actually was in the woods for. its pretty buggy out there...
This next one is from a doodle done at a recent staff meeting in the library where I work.
I listen best if my hand is engaged.

I am going to be leading a workshop (playshop really!) in Scituate Harbor this friday- at the Little House of Arts- creating sardine can shrines. It's a fun evening you can be a part of!
From Julies Hawkins- the fabulous owner of this place-her web page-

Come explore the world of creativity, fun, camaraderie, and artistic expression in a non-judgemental supportive environment. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a munchie (if you want), and we will also provide an ample supply of goodies. Do come and enjoy an evening of fun and creativity. Cost includes instruction, materials, and light refreshments.

October Ladies Night/First Friday in the harbor
Sardine Shrines with Sally Dean October 7th 7-9pm $30
Have a bit of fun in the harbor and then come on in for some creativ- ity with Sally (Julie will be there too creating yehah!) This one will be loads of fun and brimming with creativity. Sally designs these amazing shrines using paints, a sardine can, found objects and mixed media. It really is a guaranteed cool art piece. Sally has loads of interesting things to embellish your piece, but bring in some personal treasures if you like.... Trust your fun spirited side and just say YES to something different, creative, and bubbling with enthusiastic camaraderie. Ladies.......We are in this together.....Lets have a grand ol time..

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I really, really, really really REALLY want to do this! But I have to go to the SS tomorrow AND Saturday - don't think I can squeeze in an extra day!

That forest painting is amazing, amazing, amazing! How big is it?