Thursday, October 20, 2011

mixed media collages #51 and 52/80 8"x8" on gatorboard

Inspired by my daughter Maddie's art ( below) . She is looking at the patterns around her in Charleston and interpreting them in a cool graphic way.
It was so fun to respond to her image!

This one is from the lowest one in her triptych- she was in Starbucks.
I feel "saved" each morning by my cuppa joe. Do you?

This collage/ mixed media was inspired by random pages and maps in  an old national geographic magazine. It became about how my daughters are now living at a distance and how fast  time is going...

Thank you all for your wonderful messages yesterday regarding my new status as a gallery artist- it means so much!


Page Railsback said...

As I always say to you are not just a painter like a lot of are AN ARTIST..a born artist

Madeline Mello said...

i love this SO much! I'm so lucky to have you as my inspiration AND my mom! love you

Sally Dean said...

i am so lucky to have not only great artist friends-but amazing kids!~ thanks so much! xoxoxoxo