Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Boston 49/80 8'x8' acrylic, fabric, charcoal and shredded money

As I was leaving the South Station area on Saturday I thought I saw a craft fair- uh NO-
 it was Occupy Boston.
I realize I keep my head in the sand and really was not aware of this movement until last week. I need to be more up on current affairs I guess- yet, I am a big fan of sand.
No excuse for me .....


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

We talked about this - and I Occupied Providence (and will go in again, I have SUCH a cool sign)... and I love it that you thought it was a craft fair.

When we arrived at Burnside Park in Providence we thought it was just a bunch of the homeless that kind of live there. Then we saw the signs. I wish they hadn't picked THAT park, as no one who's NOT homeless ever goes there - and it SO didn't look like a craft fair!

Lovely painting - I love the 'occupation' house!

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Sally Dean said...

let's see your occupy Providence painting Kelley!

Anonymous said...

Love this piece, but I don't even want to know about the shredded money or how much. ;)

This piece sure looks like artists are occupying Boston.