Thursday, September 6, 2012

Demo at the Franklin Art Association

Last night I gave a talk and painting demo at the Franklin Art Association. There were about 40 people watching me do these two. YIKES!

 I don't love demos- there were a lot of serious painters there and I
felt intimidated to say the least! But I think they enjoyed watching my process... I had prepared the canvases prior so was winging it, taking their suggestions.
A couple of people told me that they loved seeing something so different- there were lots of realists there - One guy said it was "glorified doodling"which in a way is true...
I like the way they turned out -the top one is done  ( another person said it would make a good wine label- love that idea!)
The one below still needs a lot of work... things are emerging.

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Nancy Colella said...

Great job on this! Looks to me like you conquered your fear! LOVE the top one!Very free.