Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Step by step nursery mural

I had painted a nursery theme in this same home a year and a half ago- they had me back to paint this in their new baby girl's room (due in November).
The house is in Green Harbor- and lots of beach theme decor... they had requested this.
You can see where I fixed the window- the image I was using had the windows opened to different angles- it bothered me so I made them symmetrical.
I had fun making the shutters look weathered-I fashioned a graining tool out of a plastic cup to drag through the paint.I made a shadow around the window using the background wall color darkened with a little blue.
I incorporated the bedding pattern into the wall with the pink and orange starfish.
Being in their sweet house made me happy- this is the nicest little family.
They were pretty happy with it I think!

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Nancy Colella said...

Well, this is about the coolest thing ever! I want to be that little girl!