Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chic Painter

This month our GIRLS JUST WANNA PAINT challenge was "chic" and we all secretly decided to use our new member Pam Copeman as our theme- needless to say she was excited and pleased.
She is an awesome interior designer and the picture of chic. She is painting in the home or Page Railsback- Pages gorgeous watercolor is depicted on the left. I think thats Pams bag on the chair. CHIC!
She a warm and funny and generous girl and I did NOT do her justice here but I tried.
She smiles all the time and smiles are OH so hard to paint. Took me 5 wipe offs before I got this- and it's as good as it is gonna get!
click the girls link above to see all the Pam paintings.


Maureen Brookfield said...

This is a really FUN painting and I'd recognize Pam anywhere... such a clever idea for "Girls Just Wanna Paint"

Barbara Muir said...

I love it. Smiles are exactly the same as elbows, or chairs. We are just more frightened of them, which makes no sense. Super painting.

XO Barbara