Sunday, October 21, 2012

The last blooms of my garden

 I made a little light box for still life- out of a recylcled clear plastic cube shaped package I wrapped tissue around the outside and put reflective mylar on the bottom surface. The gooseneck light on the side makes a soft diffused light and the colors vibrate. i put an abstract art catalogue inside with the flower for background interest.Its fun to paint simple flowers again.

 Above is a Lantana bloom. The leaves of this plant have a lovely citrus-y smell.

This yellow flower below is from a vine (thunbergia) who delighted us all season as it engulfed my outdoor shower. It was a small plant from Lowe's in May...could not believe how big it got and it hangs way over inside the shower too.
We are still using the shower up until the frost. It is like showering in a garden and we love it!

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