Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very merry and Mello Christmas

 My husbands sister Maria is the best! We celebrated the Mello Christmas this past Friday. Her house is a magical feast for  the eyes- before the holiday she teams up with her buddy Lorna and together they make every corner, tippy top of cabinet and shelf a sweet vignette - what a great idea to do it with a friend- two houses get the treatment . They swap decorations too. FUN!
An event with my husbands family is always happy, loud, crowded and delicious. I know I am blessed.
After dinner we played games and some of us did a fun holiday craft with wooden beads ala Sally.
I hope everyone had a great time this past week- I sure did. Today the best gift ever- a snowstorm gave us the perfect amount of lovely white snow! I am filling up my phone with sunlit trees and blue skies.
I will be doing an ambitious project for 2013 (  I am a project junkie!)- stay tuned.....

1 comment:

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Is this Auntie Ree?
She sure has the touch!
Love how she used the long sheers on the small windows flanking the fireplace.
Happy New Year from Auntie Ree to Auntie Ree :D